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What we do

Whether you publish science, technical and medical; scholarly, educational or reference; trade fiction or non-fiction; for adults or for children, Siliconchips offers a complete range of prepress and conversion services. Our customised workflows, seamless production and comprehensive project management will ensure that you reach your market on time and within budget.

Siliconchips understands that successful data conversion requires a thorough working knowledge of both source and target formats. That is why we have invested in in-house experts who can, if need be, reverse-engineer source files if the specified format is unknown.

We can also help you to automate your workflow from XML to InDesign for your books and journals and we can help you create templates for them.

Several years ago we successfully entered the eBook market and now we work with our clients to convert their titles into eBooks for various platforms. We customise and manage eBook production processes for your unique content, saving you considerable time and money. Going beyond a project-to-project relationship, Siliconchips will partner with you to design, build and deploy an end-to-end eBook workflow to fit your production and budget goals.

High-volume projects are no problem. With any project, our onshore and offshore resources provide reliable service with substantial savings.

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Content production is the process of developing and creating visual or subject matter expert, such as videos, eBooks, blog posts, whitepapers or online journals for STM market or online learning content. Converting a content for various digital output requires a healthy understanding of the workflow and use of automation tools and technologies. Our insights into the publishing industry and our working knowledge of these technologies enable us to automate workflows, dramatically reduce costs, and speed up time-to-market for our clients.

We work with well-known publishers and help them to define and create valuable content on a regular basis.

Content Conversion into Digital Formats

We can convert your content into any digital format, enabling you to target new markets and deliver your content in a variety of ways.

We can handle any type of print or electronic input and convert it into the format of your choice, including PDF, ePub, Mobi and XML. We work with a wide range of devices and content types, including eBooks, monographs, handbooks, manuals, eJournals, directories, databases, CDs and DVDs.

Content Tagging

Tags are Web page and/or database descriptors – e.g., title, author, language, date, subject – that are assigned to documents. One of their main purposes is to help people find information. Tags can be assigned to document descriptions, can be assigned to the documents themselves, or both. Tags can be assigned by document authors, information professionals, editorial assistants, or even by computer programs.

Our editors are recruited for their expertise in language editing and their knowledge of the subject matter. Each editor assigned to a publisher’s work is trained to meet that publisher’s specific style and technical requirements, i.e. publisher’s house style, AMA Manual of Style, APA style, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.

Our copyediting team ensures that the copy does not lose author’s language and tone while the copy is being thoroughly checked for accuracy, and consistency in various aspects such as spelling, grammar, references, footnotes, citations, equations and figures in maths and science contents.

Our professional editors have extensive experience in the scientific, technical, medical, social sciences and the humanities fields.

We have a team of experienced designers in advertising and premedia services to cater to magazine advertising, catalogs and the newspaper print industry.

Our team has created various marketing materials in English and European languages. We design promotional material suitable for both print and electronic formats, for the Internet and the reverse publishing market.

The design work is done using industry-standard software like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Siliconchips Services has established expertise in areas such as colour correction, image manipulation, clipping and masking.

Other services we can provide are:
  • Brochure Design
  • Design Services
  • Artwork and Graphic Creation
  • Marketing Material

eBooks have gained a huge acceptance and popularity due to being cost effective and convenient for publisher and reader both. eBooks can be made available to the audience across the world through the website and mobile application stores.

There is a constant development in mobile device platform for improving overall user experience and this includes the features and interface for eBooks as well. For the publishers/authors/companies, such developments and improvements in eBook formats comes as an opportunity and challenge as they are required to prepare their publications in recent and compatible format.

Below are the key formats eBooks
  • ePub– Widely accepted industry format, ePub is compatible across the software and hardware platforms offering unencrypted reflowable digital books and other publications.
  • Mobi, KF8, AZW3, KFX are Amazon’s proprietary eBook formats, made as a wrapper on top of an ePub file.
Why Siliconchips for eBook Conversion Services

We are experienced and specialise in converting print ready files or application source file into the eBook format of your choice or any file into ePub, ePDF, and Mobi formats, suitable for the Apple iPad and iPhone, the Kindle and Kindle Fire, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and many other readers.

Our team is capable to produce eBook from sources such as hard copy, HTML, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, MS Word and many more formats.

  • Professional eBook Services
  • Printed documents to ePub and Mobi files
  • Printed Book to ePub and Mobi
  • Scanned images to ePub and Mobi
  • Word files to ePub and Mobi
  • HTML to ePub and Mobi
  • PDF to ePub and Mobi
  • Fixed format ePUB and KF8
  • Application source files to ePub and Mobi
  • Complex formatting
  • Complex Linking
  • Embedding Audio and Videos

We are experienced in serving publishing houses with large volumes and we undertake eBook conversion projects of almost any size ranging from brochures, annual reports, journals, magazine to some large books.

Siliconchips Services offers professional assistance to global clients in word processing, offline typing services, data entry services and OCR scanning services. Our keyboarding solutions are tailored to meet your requirements, house style and deadlines. We serve a wide range of clients, including individuals as well as organizations such as corporate companies, government bodies, local authorities, publishing houses, research organizations, university departments and businesses.

  • Large Format Printing
  • Leaflet Printing
  • Booklets
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Posters and Banners
  • Flyers
  • Letterheads & Complimentary Slips
  • Labels & Sticker Printing
  • Wire Binding Services
  • T-shirt & Fabric Screen Print
  • Photocopying
  • Scanning
  • Exhibition Displays

We have been managing Prepress Publishing workflow from ELT books to STM projects from start to end, from author, editor co-ordination to the final files to the client platform or FTP.

Whatever your publishing requirement, we will find a solution from scanning book, OCR, proof reading or a specialized subject matter copy-editing or multi-language complex typesetting or creating an artwork from a brief.

Our onsite and offshore team members are trained to coordinate and communicate effectively :
  •  STM authors and editors across the globe
  •  Copy-editors for ELT or STM market
  •  Proof reading
  •  InDesign or Quark Typesetting
  •  Template designing
  •  Artwork and illustrators

Translation is an integral part of today’s global business world, where your target audience needs to communicate effectively and to achieve your desired results.

As a professional translation service provider, we demonstrate our commitment to quality by consistently meeting expectations of our customers. We provide quick translation services in over 70 languages and are considered an expert in website translation services, technical manual translation services, medical translation services and legal translation services. We offer translation services in many languages including German, Spanish, English, French, Russian, Scandinavian, Arabic and many more Asian languages.

We specialise in the following:
  •  Technical Translation
  •  Medical Translation
  •  Marketing Material Translation
  •  Legal Translation
  •  Financial Translation
  •  Communications Translation
  •  Document Translation
  •  Translation for Market Research
  •  Website Localization

The services we offer are adaptable to our clients requirements. Quality and speed are two of the main reasons we have gained our clients’ trust.

Siliconchips Services provides composition services for both print and electronic media, which includes the following:

  •  Typesetting from manuscript or client-supplied files.
  •  Data capture and conversion services.
  •  Editing services, including technical editing, copyediting, and language editing.
  •  Design and graphics services, including scanning, file conversion, redrawing and relabelling of artwork.
We have considerable experience with industry-standard composition tools, such as Advent 3B2, LaTeX, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker, and with MathType and ChemDraw files.

You can rely on our highly experienced development team based out of India. We specialise in custom web programming and user-friendly website.

Our full-cycle services are designed to respond to individual client’s needs starting from initial technical consultancy and solution specification to its implementation and continuous support.

Our business model offers the following:
  • Initial 2 years of unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited Email
  • We offer DKIM support
What we offer:
  • Custom Web Development
  • Continuous support on yearly basis
  • Digital Business Card
  • Web Application
  • eCommerce Website
  • Personal – Custom Blogs
  • WordPress Website
  • Mobile Website
  • Responsive & Parallax
  • Shopping Cart Development

We provide multi-skill and multi-platform resources enable us to produce the best output in the publishing of books relating to various subjects.

We handle many successful projects involving the conversion of text and images into specified formats like PDF/HTML/SGML/XML with embedded hyperlinks. XML is a system for defining, validating and sharing document formats across the globe today. XML is fast becoming the new information management standard over the internet. We constantly improve and develop our XML expertise to meet the conversion requirements of our clients.