Our specialisations

As a young service provider, Siliconchips Services brings you expertise and subject matter experts, who understand both book and journal workflows, and operations of leading academic, educational, trade and consumer publishers. We work with some known…

During our years of experience in the printing industry, we have seen massive changes. Print turnaround has become ever increasingly quicker, while prices have become ever increasingly cheaper. We have kept up with this pace, and can offer our customers a fast, efficient and competitive…

We have a young team of software developers who apply intelligence, innovation and industry experience, together with the latest IT skills, to drive business value and client growth. Our software solutions integrate seamlessly across various platforms, including web and mobile, helping you leverage the latest…

What we do

Whether you publish science, technical and medical material; scholarly, educational or reference; trade fiction or non-fiction; for adults or for children, Siliconchips offers a complete range of pre-press and conversion services. Our customised workflows, seamless production and comprehensive project management will ensure that you reach your market on time and within budget.

Siliconchips understands that successful data conversion requires a thorough working knowledge of both source and target formats. That is why we have invested in in-house experts who can, if needed, reverse-engineer source files if the specified format is unknown.

We can also help you to automate your workflow from XML to InDesign for your books and journals, and we can help you create templates for them.

Several years ago, we successfully entered the e-book market, and we now work with our clients to convert their titles into e-books for various platforms. We customise and manage e-book production processes for your unique content, saving you considerable time and money. Going beyond a project-to-project relationship, Siliconchips will partner with you to design, build and deploy an end-to-end e-book workflow to fit your production and budget goals.

High-volume projects are no problem. With any project, our onshore and offshore resources provide a reliable service with substantial savings.

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