About Siliconchips Services

Founded in 2010, we are an innovative company offering complete end-to-end publishing services to leading brands in the UK, Europe and USA

Our aim is to consistently be the best in what we do, which is why we are constantly finding new ways to improve the services we provide by staying abreast of new advances in technology and using that knowledge to develop our practice. We strive to bring your vision to life and our ability to provide all services from start to finish at a competitive price offers you the best solution to all your publishing needs. With a talented programmer base and round-the-clock customer service staff, Siliconchips is here to assist you and the results speak for themselves.

What makes us different is that our talented team takes the time to fully understand your project and will work with you to produce the best results. Our in-house team has a wide range of specialties and we use native speakers in coordinating, editing, proofreading and conducting quality analysis on all projects.

At Siliconchips we are committed to delivering sustainable, profitable growth for us and our partners by:

• Offering the highest-quality solutions and services on time and within budget •
• Building long-term business partnerships founded on mutual trust, transparency, integrity and respect for each other •
• Investing in the development of our people to create a motivated, empowered workforce •
• Fostering innovation through continuous improvement of our knowledge and practices •

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Core Team Members

Shahid Chowdhary

Founder and Director

    Abhijit Pathre

    Director Account Management

      Pierre Couchard

      Advisor French Market

        Becca Mosher

        Project Manager US Market

          Dr. Keith Whittles

          Publishing Advisor