Copy-Editing Services

Copy-editing involves correcting your manuscript to eliminate errors including but not limited to spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and typos.

Our copy-editing team ensures that the copy does not loose author’s language and tone while the copy is being thoroughly checked for accuracy, and consistency in various aspects such as spelling, grammar, references, footnotes, citations, equations and figures in maths and science contents.

Why Siliconchips for copy editing

Our editors are recruited for their expertise in language editing and their knowledge of the subject matter. Each editor assigned to a publisher’s work is trained to meet that publisher’s specific style and technical requirements – i.e. publisher’s house style, AMA Manual of Style, APA style, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.

Our team will ensure that the final copyedited version of your submitted work is error-free on spelling, grammar, logic, or structure.

Our professional editors have extensive experience in the scientific, technical, medical, social sciences, and humanities fields.

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