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Young Publishing Services Company Signs an Exclusive Deal With Prestigious Psycholinguistics Journal

Siliconchips Services have signed an exclusive publishing service agreement with Glossa Psycholinguistics. The company will provide all publishing needs for the brand’s prestigious journal in the USA. 

Siliconchips Services is pleased to announce that they have signed up for an exclusive publishing service agreement with Glossa Psycholinguistics. The business believes that the partnership will be mutually bene/cial for both brands. Siliconchips Services will help the journal expand their publishing while retaining the high level of quality that their readership expects. 

Glossa Psycholinguistics publishes contributions to the /eld of psycholinguistics in the broadest sense. Articles in the journal provide empirical and theoretical perspectives to help provide a better understanding of language. Some of the methods and approaches included in the journal include computational modelling, corpus analyses and cognitive neuroscience as well as countless others. 

By using the services provided by Siliconchips Services, the journal hopes to expand their reach and ensure that they connect with a far wider audience. The already prestigious journal was launched in 2022 and is already seeing a surge of interest from the scienti/c community. 

The new publishing service agreement will ensure that Siliconchips Services is provided with exclusive rights to publish all, and any materials connected with Gloss Psycholinguistics over the next several years. 

The journal will add to the impressive number of journals that Siliconchips Services has already delivered. In 2021, the company delivered more than 2,240 STM journals and another 1,879 eBooks for iPads and Kindle market. 

The company is confident that they can help Glossa Psycholinguistics achieve a high level of growth with their end-to-end publishing solutions. 

About Siliconchips Services 

Siliconchips Services delivers end-to-end prepress and digital publishing services for publishers in the UK, Europe, and USA. A young service provider, Siliconchips Services provides expertise and subject matter professionals who understand journal and book work;ows as well as operations of leading academic, trade and consumer publishers. The company works with some of the top publishing brands in the European, USA and UK markets through their open access platform. 

As well as offering publishing services the business also delivers top printing services as well as IT solutions to brands. Their software solutions can be seamlessly integrated across various platforms. The company was launched as an innovative solution to provide the right response to the radical changes seen in the IT services and publishing industries over the last decade. 

More information about Siliconchips Services can be found on the business website. Alternatively, a representative for the company can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

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