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Year on year online growth for publishers…

Nowadays people prefer reading newspapers online to any other way. One main reason is journalists are engaging with local people and local communities in ever greater numbers, and there’s a phenomenal appetite for – and engagement with – the great local content they produce. Company also seeing more and more local businesses advertising on digital platforms because they want to work with trusted brands with relevant online audiences.

Digital growth is a central plank of every company’s strategy and companies are delighted at the progress they making but company say, we are not complacent and we are committed to continuing to innovate and develop our online offerings for both user and advertiser alike. While it faced the biggest decline in print over the same period, company named Johnston Press title the Wigan Evening Post recorded the biggest rise in the number of daily average unique browsers to its website, which shares content with the Wigan Observer.If you want to get more information, catch up with the articles here

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