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Why Do We Stand Out?

Siliconchips Services, a provider of end-to-end publishing and software solutions stands out as a reliable and consistently superior source of publishing, printing, and IT services.

When readying content to bring to publication, making sure that adjustments and improvements maintain the intended voice and purpose are essential parts of the process. At Siliconchips Services, relationships between the client and the specialists are incredibly important in order to provide customized, superior results. We listen to our clients, eschewing the custom of cookie-cutter service. Whether you’re publishing academic material, your autobiography, or even a children’s work of fiction, we’ll provide polishing without perverting your purpose.

Using a global approach toward production, Siliconchips Services Ltd is headquartered in the London, with proofreading, copy editing and project management team based in USA and delivery center in Mumbai and Chennai in India, we don’t limit our reach. We employ sources from around the globe, making sure to get a balance of high quality and cost effective approach. This process works well, and our network of market leading participating brands demonstrates our success rate. The best wouldn’t choose to use us unless we helped them maintain that status!

Staying on top of technological advances requires constant diligence as the landscape changes so frequently. We’re committed to doing so and passing on the benefits to our clients’ endeavors. When you need your project completed in a timely and budget-minded manner, Siliconchips Services should be the first pre-publication company you consider.

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