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What is ‘content first’ and is it the way forward?

Here ‘content first’ implies lots of challenges for publisher. As so many fast evolving themes in all type of digital devices it is very difficult for publisher, how to display right content with right format. The question then becomes one of efficiency – how do you create content and distribute it across multiple channels in a way that doesn’t exert a drag on resources, allows timely synchronized distribution whilst also retaining control over the content.

It’s not helped by new methods of content distribution evolving at an ever increasing rate. Microsoft’s recent purchase of LinkedIn is a case in point. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the acquisition could lead to experiences like “a LinkedIn newsfeed that serves up articles based on the project you are working on [in Microsoft Office]”. With Office boasting 1.2 billion users, publishers can expect LinkedIn’s reach to look very different by 2020.If you want to get more information, catch up with the articles here

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