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Top 5 reasons for local Copy Editors

Copy writing is an essential element for companies looking to work their way up the Google results page. You might not imagine the usefulness of local copy editors, but they’re essential. Consider these top 5 reasons for choosing local copy editors.

Spot the Small Mistakes

Local copy editors will be much more likely to identify small mistakes like overlooked prepositions, the wrong form of there/their/they’re, or British spellings rather than American. These minute mistakes might not seem important, but when you have a targeted audience, these anomalies stick out and put off the reader.

Draw in the Audience with Familiarity

Familiarity between the writer and the reader is important. A local copy editor can help create this familiarity by ensuring that the language is familiar, as well as the details and content information.


Any copy editor should be accountable. Any teacher or mother knows that proximity creates accountability. The same is true for local copy editors rather than distant figures operating solely on a computer. While in-person meetings shouldn’t always be necessary, they sure are helpful when you have issues making your purpose clear.

Bring Coherence to the Text

Any copy editor should add coherence to the text. A local one will be able to pull the work together in a way that makes sense of the local reader. A unified piece will include references and language that locals can identify and relate to.

Add Relevance and Prevent the Mundane

Copy writers can fall into the trap of the mundane quite easily, and a quality copy editor will drag them out of the cliched, boring, overused language that plagues the average copy.

When your copy needs to be creative, familiar, coherent, and readable, choose local copy editors to help identify mistakes and improve the effort.

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