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Top 5 reasons for local Content writer

As the concept of “book smart” is replaced by “Google smart,” the importance of hiring a capable content writer becomes increasingly important. In your hiring search, here are the top 5 reasons for choosing a local content writer over a cheaper, distant one.

  1. Relatable to the Reader

A writer who is unfamiliar with the subject or the location will not be able to write effective content that convinces the audience of the content’s inherent value. Choose a local writer who can relate to the reader. The writer’s voice will show through the writing, and a local writer will be obviously familiar to the target demographic when you choose local.

  1. Know the Audience

A local author will know the audience because he or she will be the audience. When you want to target the message to a particular locale, what better way could there be than to choose a writer who’s part of the intended audience?

  1. Reachable

Being able to contact and provide feedback and suggestions is vital to a working relationship with a content writer. While some writers can do so remotely, others might need a face-to-face to truly “get” the purpose and the message.

  1. Credibility

When suggesting that a service is perfect for citizens of a specific locale, being able to honestly claim to be a local significantly gooses the credibility of the referral! Local content writers can reference complementary services, landmarks, and regional tidbits only one familiar to the area could know. The power of this messaging shouldn’t be underestimated.

  1. Use the Right Vernacular

Regional language is a real phenomenon. Folks in the South use different phrases and words than those in the Midwest, as an example. Local authors “speak the language” of the audience. A particularly problematic occurrence is when writers are non-native speakers, leaving out prepositions or articles. This scenario is a major red flag to native speakers and will turn the reader off from your content, the exact opposite of what you desire.

If you’d like to take advantage of the power of Google, hire a local content writer. Your place on the search page will appreciate the decision.

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