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The Process of Publishing: Does It Get Under Your Skin?

Becoming an author who publishes his work and shares it with a crowd of people he will, later on, call: Audience, is indeed scary and tiring. It will beat you to your knees and keep you there for a while if you did not plan things ahead. Sometimes, especially as readers, we might forget or underestimate the loads of work it takes an author to breathe life into the book we now devour. But, should authors let it get under their skin?

There is absolutely nothing in life that takes no effort… And I mean NOTHING. Think about it: Do you want to grab a bite? Ok… Fix yourself a sandwich or pour some pre-cooked food onto a plate. Do you want to call it a night and have some sleep? No problem… Do your pre-bed routine and then calm your racing thoughts, beat your concerns, position your body in your go-to-sleep position! Publishing is just as needy. It starts from the idea of the book, to how it is spilled into paper, how it is finalized, until you reach the series of decisions about the final copy of the book.

When you choose the right publisher, you will not feel the fear of the jump. Do your research and collaborate with a publishing agency that has a proven record of success. Make sure you discuss everything before initiating the work, keep them involved, and share your thoughts and concerns. It is vital that your team takes care of every tiny detail because, after all, it is all attached and related to each other. Most importantly, do not allow the pressure to swallow you… And remember, your audience is waiting… And we can not wait to read your latest work!

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