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The Holy Grail of Crazy Selling

As a reader, how do you decide what to read next as you are checking new books? If you are into digitized versions of books, how do you say: This is the one? Well… It is normal to decide which “genre” you are targeting before jumping into the endless sets of books that fall under this genre. And, fast forward, you finally find a book that captures your eye… But is this enough for you to purchase it?

According to experts, one is more likely to examine one specific part of a new book before purchasing it or start reading. This part is the smallest part of the book, yet it controlls the revenue, the sales, the first impression of people who ran into it. It is the book description! This small paragraph has its own place on the back of the book cover and on the top of your Amazon page. It gives away a huge chunk of information about what to expect in the book.

Every author is advised to pay extra attention when they craft their book description. Some experts suggest that you add a hook to it, just enough that it captures the minds. Do not give away the most interesting part about the book, or the solution to the irritating dilemma the book is discussing. Force the readers to read the rest and turn the book’s pages. Tie the essence of the book to the readers, show them that they relate to the main idea, and make them see that you have the answer to their question.

It is not easy to play some psychological games on your audience so that you and them could benefit… But it is not that hard either! Search for the best-selling books and analyze the features you notice in the descriptions. It is vital that you ask for a second opinion, a second set of eyes to look at the draft you have so far and help you make the final decision. Have some patience as you search for your inspiration, you will get there… Eventually!

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