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The Complete Checklist for Academic Journal Manuscript Submissions

When you have struggled through the process of research and composition to produce an academic thesis, getting the manuscript published is a matter of great pride. However, manuscript submission cannot guarantee publication. Even though your idea may be unique and your research and writing impeccable, your chosen journal might still reject the manuscript. Protentional reasons for rejection range from lack of organization to poor writing, plagiarism, etc. To avoid rejection, it is extremely crucial to follow certain processes before submitting your manuscript. Here is a complete checklist that you should keep in mind before submitting your manuscript to an academic journal.


It is important to format your manuscript as per the requirements of the journal. This includes:

  1. Making sure the layout, font type, font size, heading style, numbering, spacing, page margins, etc. are as per the journal requirements.

  2. Including in-text citations and reference list and ensuring that they are styled and formatted correctly.

  3. Adhering to the appropriate style guide (APA, Harvard, Oxford, etc.) followed by the journal.


The structure of the manuscript is another crucial aspect. Every section of the manuscript should be checked.

  1. Your title should be attractive and relevant, while your abstract should be to-the-point and give the gist of your study.

  2. Formatting of internal headlines should be identical throughout the manuscript.

  3. Meanings of symbols, abbreviations, and measurement units should be clearly defined.

  4. Sources of references and quotations should be listed correctly.

  5. If your manuscript has graphs, tables, and figures, make sure they are accurate, clear, and complete.

  6. In case your manuscript contains footnotes, they should have relevant additional information and should be numbered correctly.


Apart from providing a novel or unusual idea, your manuscript should also focus on presenting this idea properly.

  1. The ideas in your manuscript should flow smoothly.

  2. Opt for simple sentences, and refrain from long and complex sentences. They should be easily understood.

  3. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

  4. It would be best to get your content reviewed by a third party like a friend or an editing or proofreading service.

Facts and Details

Checking facts and other important details is necessary to ensure that your manuscript is authentic and relevant. All facts and details like symbols, data, equations and calculations, numerical consistency, and units of measurement should be checked and double-checked. The same applies to the numerical consistency between your reference list and in-text citations.

Attribution and Acknowledgment

One cannot write an academic thesis without taking any material from another study. It is extremely important to attribute and acknowledge the relevant source of information.

  1. Always use quotation marks while copying or reproducing material.

  2. Provide proof of written permission if you have used either published or non-published content or material.

  3. Copyrighted material should not be used without gaining permission in writing.

Cover Letter

The cover letter is a way of making the journal publishing company notice your manuscript and should not be ignored.

  1. It should include complete details of the author, including name, email and postal addresses, and telephone number.

  2. You should explain about the manuscript briefly and why the journal should publish it.

  3. It is important to mention whether it has been submitted for publication to any other journal.

  4. Commercial or financial relationships of any kind should be revealed, especially if they can give rise to conflicts of interest in the future.

Following this checklist will ensure that your academic manuscript does not face outright rejection. If you think you cannot be critical about your own work, it would be best to approach a professional company that can do the work for you. Siliconchips Services Ltd. is a premium publishing company offering this service to ensure your manuscript achieves the high standards expected by academic journals.

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