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Social Media… The Rockstar!

Social media is the most overrated and underrated tool at this time. Well… How about we pay a visit to the weekly report on our iPhones and see the percentage of the time drained on social media just for this week? It is going to be like a punch in the face! By that, we see the overrated face of social media. The majority of people are, unknowingly, chained to their screens and will never hesitate to keep scrolling even when someone is talking to them.

As we know, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok are the most common channels we use for our day-to-day social media dosage. In all of these channels, there is an underrated part we are leaving behind… Which is the shiny face of social media… The one that allows you to grow: Financially and personally. Does this turn sound familiar to you?

Any business owner knows how crucial it is to direct the business towards the crowd. Every brand you know, every business you’ve heard of, and every company you’ve worked with have pages all over social media channels. The business market considers this step to be the gate that will introduce you to the globe with the least effort possible.

I wish the business side of social media was as easy and entertaining as it is when we sit on our favorite couch with a mug of coffee, doing nothing but scrolling! There is one thing I guarantee, it is going to be thrilling! Anyone who wants his marketing strategy over social media to pay off must choose wisely: How to market? How to customize my product so that it catches attention and raises the need? Which channels serve my product the best? What channel do the vast majority of my audience use? What is the suitable time to post? How many posts a day? And that is not even everything… But, I promise it is worth it.

It does not matter if you are a freelancer who works solo, an entrepreneur, or a famous brand… you will use your full power when you start benefiting from the privileges of social media. Study your audience well, do your research, craft a solid marketing plan, and once you start… Keep showing up!

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