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Siliconchips: Leading Company for Local Scanning of Books

Publishing has evolved into a whole new world in the recent years. Right from the introduction of newer and faster technologies for print publishing to the increasing need for digital publication, there are several brand new trends in the publishing world. The London Book Fair (LBF) is an event that showcases all these and much more about the world of publishing. Lasting three days (March 10 to 12′ 2020), London Book Fair brings together publishers from all over the world. Siliconchips, a leading publishing company, is all set to be a part of this world-class event.

What we do!

Siliconchips Services offers end-to-end publication services for both books and journal market. We offer digital publication services. One of the services we offer is scanning of old printed books to digital format. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience of scanning books and documents and converting them into digital documents of any format right in East Croydon.

Why Choose Siliconchips for Scanning Books

Digital content is the need of an hour. More and more people prefer to read an eBook or e-document instead of a hardbound book or paper book. The reasons for the same are convenience and even affordability. Moreover, the digital copy of a book withstands the test of time and cannot be destroyed due to natural deterioration. We have helped many companies scanning their old books, journals and converted them into latest digital formats.

Siliconchips Services also offers OCR scanning services. Digital books that have been scanned using OCR technology are completely text searchable. OCR technology is usually used when the books have to be scanned into PDF files. Utilization of OCR technology ensures the production of premium quality eBooks.

Come talk to us

The prime purpose of London Book Fair is to connect publishing companies with potential service partners. Here, you would not only get to talk to us (Siliconchips) but also meet and interact with our clients, including individuals as well as organizations like publishing houses, research organizations, businesses, university departments, etc. At LBF, you would be able to know more about Siliconchips and the publication services we offer.

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