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Siliconchips at The London Book Fair

Siliconchips at The London Book Fair: For All Your Academic and Scholarly Publishing Needs

The London Book Fair is set to open on March 10′ 2020. It is a 3-day event that would end on March 12′ 2020. One of the most prestigious events, the London Book Fair brings together both print and digital publishers from all over the world. One of the things that The London Book Fair focuses on is Academic and Scholarly Publishing, mainly STM, i.e. Science, Technical and Medical, and Siliconchips is a leading company that offers STM publishing services. Siliconchips has been a participant of The London Book Fair for several years and are getting ready to mark our presence in 2020 as well. We have built our reputation as the leading publisher for STM or academic and scholarly texts by providing premium quality services. We have successfully delivered more than 2500 STM articles every year, since we started the business in 2010.

End-to-End Services

One of the reasons our clients have chosen to work with us throughout all these years is because we offer end-to-end publication services. Right from designing to printing and deploying, we take care of every aspect of production of the academic journals and books. You do not have to rely or consult a third party for any of the publication process.

Experienced Editing Team

One of our greatest strengths is our editing team. We understand that no book or journal can be successful if the language used is not the best. Our team of editors work relentlessly to ensure that the language, grammar and sentence structure of the books or journals are flawless. All our editors are native-English speakers, and they are based in UK and USA. This ensures that the quality of editing is high.

Print Publishing

While Siliconchips is a reputed company for print publishing, we also have successfully dealt with digital publishing. We have the skills and the technology to convert any kind of electronic as well as print input and convert it into the format that you prefer. We can convert content into PDF, Quark, Latex, ePub, XML, Mobi, etc.

Siliconchips is adept to take up any kind of publishing work. We have all the necessary tools to complete the publishing delivery processes on time and at ease. If you have any questions for us, we welcome you to our stall at the London Book Fair. Each person in our team is obliged to answer your questions and clear all your doubts about our STM or academic and scholarly publishing services.

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