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Publishing Service and IT Service Expertise

Siliconchips Services is a publishing and IT service provider with expertise in all areas of the services we provide.

Publishing Services

Pre-press publishing services demand skill and knowledge in multiple areas. Our professional teams are well-versed in the processes used in producing academic, educational, trade, and commercial pieces and preparing them for publication.

The crack team of professionals here at Siliconchips Services will ensure that the written and graphic content of publications works. We offer the expertise of wordsmiths, artists, and editors who will improve and perfect your efforts.

We specialize in a variety of pre-publishing areas including books, journals, copy-editing, proofreading, XML and InDesign, e-publishing, development, editing, management, tagging, indexing, abstracting, and communication among parties.

Our publication-focused efforts are driven by a desire to do the most good for our clients, improving the writing, using images effectively, and resolving the content to the right format.

IT Service

Within our team of professionals, we also offer some of the best software developers in the business. They apply problem-solving skills, experience, and up-to-date tech ability to each of our client’s problems in a manner to be of the most effect. When your company needs a software solution, trust our team to create it.

As is the current demand, Siliconchips Services offers software products that cross platforms to make sure that our clients’ customers have the utmost convenience to engender loyalty and efficient use.

Using mostly off-shore talent allows us to provide next-level tech skill at lower prices. Your product won’t suffer a bit in the end. We specialize in providing software developed with the following solutions in mind Artificial Intelligence friendly environments, migration services, .net tech, CMS development, HTML, template creation, script development, and XML tools.

Whether you require publishing services or IT specialty, come to Siliconchips Services. We harvest the globe for skilled, driven, and expert-level professionals to attack your project with gusto.

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