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Publishing: How Does It Relate To All Written Pieces?

As a reader, has it ever crossed your mind… The idea of missing out on so many good quotes, texts, ideas, and perspectives? It does not matter how often you read, what genre you prefer, or how deep you dig as you are looking for your next book… There are always more and more masterpieces you would not be able to fit in your life! This question hits me every time I read something unique, something that speaks to my soul, and spares me time and attempts I spend trying to express what the text just stated.

When we think of written materials, we think of so many types. Some are journals, others are books, and a huge chunk of these materials are nothing but random texts we may never know to whom they belong. Sometimes it feels like the author-unknown kind of texts are the nearest to our hearts and talk to us in a way that is so simple yet powerful. That is where I wish I could detect the author and chase after every piece he has written. From this, we realize that not every word is meant to roam the eyes of readers, and that publishing does not necessarily mean that what you see and read is the best that exists.

Some people choose to pour their hearts on papers every night before they sleep in spite of knowing that their words will not see the sunshine or cross paths with another pair of eyes. Keeping what you write away from people because you think that your work is not as worthy is not fair at all. Still, if this is what you prefer, keep it… Because writing cures, fixes, and brings peace to the heart of its practitioners. Now you know that there are more writers in this world than the ones you know and the ones you don’t… You might be one of them!

Not that we do not understand when you decide that publishing is not something you consider, but still we encourage you to take a step forward and publish your writings when and if it feels right to you. Do not think of a monster when you think of publishing… Everything is doable! The silver lining about this is the undeniable revolution we are witnessing in the world of writing and publishing that made any form of writing and any additions acceptable! Do not be afraid to think outside of the box… It is almost 2022, nothing is strange to the eyes anymore!

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