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Print Vs Digital. A big question lies on future of Book.

Due to rapidly converting digital world, people always would like to have everything digitize way. Any even digitize technology justify on some of precious things like money, time and comfort ability. Now people wanted to have everything to be compact and can carry with them in laptop and mobile. Book also one of subject of digitization world.

But both printed digitize version has their own pros and corns. According to one of internet survey, People still like print books. In fact, print book sales grew 2% in 2015 while eBook sales dropped off by 10% in the same time frame.

EBooks have a lot going for them, too. Nearly half of titles available in eBook format are independent titles, giving readers a wider range of options than they would get in a bookstore. You can download an eBook anywhere any time without waiting on the mail or going to a bookstore. You can also get reading material in your native language no matter here you are in the world.If you want to get more information, catch up with the articles here

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