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Mobile supplants ‘fixed’ media as dominant source of online video

Due to fast moving technology evaluation and running human life, Mobile world becoming so much interesting and crucial part of our life. Now a day’s every bit of work is possible by either one way or another way on mobile. And even its seamless integration with rest of world made mobile more usable and time saving device.

With 4G LTE and 5G evolution path, we have high data rate for surfing available and that is only the reason we could able to replace our fixed devices like desktop, TV etc. One of crucial feature of fixed device is watching video streaming, which would be easily available and would able to see at any time at any place.

One of internet forecast released by Publics’ Zenith unit, consumers around the world will spend an average of 19.7 minutes a day viewing online videos on their mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), compared to 16.0 minutes on fixed devices like desktop computers and smart TV sets. The report estimates, adding: “This represents a 39% leap for mobile on last year’s figures, when 14.2 minutes were spent viewing mobile video.”

Forecast also predicts mobile video consumption will grow 33% in 2017 and 27% in 2018, to reach 33.4 minutes a day. The agency predicts, adding that “mobile devices will Account for 64% of all online video consumption in 2018.

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