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Learning Through The Process Vs. Hiring Professionals

Business initiation is a journey filled with demands. They consume your time, your comfort, your mind, and your “I am not risky, I am always on the safe side” status. Being decisive is the shortcut to eliminating a series of various distractions and options… But, is it easy though? In our everyday life we carry the consequences of our decisions and actions everywhere we go, even in the smallest of matters… Like eating a late-night snack. You know you will regret it in the morning… But hey, the foodie side of our brains rules the nights!

One of the most challenging situations in the business world is deciding if you could go on without gathering a team or not. When your business expands, you will need to keep up with it skill-wise. But, how talented could you possibly be? That is why you will, eventually, seek help from others. And here comes the question, do you learn as you go? Do you rely on the team from now on?

There is no right or wrong. Some would choose to be all informed and updated, dust off their skillset, and add extra knowledge from every aid they get. These people prefer to be totally involved in the process and, constantly, make sure they understand the whys and hows of every problem an outsider solves for them. By that, they will remain, nearly, 100%, independent and able to tackle a similar obstacle they face in the future.

Others choose a different route. For them, it is vital that you find people who can accelerate the production cycle while keeping up with every new technique or information that pops up in their field of expertise. Normally, this group of people prefer the role of supervisors… They watch from a reasonable distance, keep themselves included but not so deep “steps- and exact- job- detail kind of deep”. Is the work done? Can we address it if it happens again? Is everything back on track? Brilliant and well done! Period.

When you look at those who made it so far in life, the popular names who run the world with their corporations and the wealth they have gathered, you will notice a mix of the above approaches. No harm in taking extra caution, anyway. Every road is valid as long as it connects you to your goal. But, how about you? Which one is your go-to route?

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