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Is Writing for Everyone?

Writing, I think, comes as the second-best friend to anyone who enjoys a bond with words. Normally, it develops into a skill, if we may say so after some time spent reading materials since we can not say that education is the place where our love for words stems from. But, let’s not generalize!

As we live, life gets under our skin and keeps testing us. Maybe then we try to find a shoulder to rest our heavy heads on. As we search, we prioritize talking and venting to people. But, as you grow older, you learn better… And the feeling of disappointment becomes bitter. Slowly, you learn to depend on your own power and, somehow, discover the blessing of writing.

If you tried writing, I am certain it wowed you… your first time venting to a paper… it must have been relieving. If you search about the medical background of this, you will see how every specialist in this field is supportive of that. I tried it myself and it helped my mental health big time.

Apart from the benefits on the psychological side, there is some financial glam to writing too. In a very demanding world, you can make a career out of it by freelancing, for instance. But is writing doable? Does it suit anyone? Does it require a reading experience? The questions are endless, but once we establish the foundation, everything will flow properly.

To your surprise, anyone can become a writer even if he is not a reader! But, does falling in love with reading make it easier for you? Indeed. Reading makes words come out easily and provides your imagination with the sunshine it needs to blossom.

If you are confused about the best technique to dust off your thinking skill, try committing to journaling every night before bed… It will take less than five minutes to reflect on your day and pour your rushing thoughts into some lines. Sticking to this habit will work miracles for your mental health and your writing skill, and it will be like hitting two birds with one stone!

To sum it up, write as much as you can… because that is how you learn and how you get better whether you are taking the professional route or writing for the sake of writing. Get involved and discover what subjects appeal to you the most and write about them. Do not worry about how messy your attempts look, consistency will make the next ones neat.

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