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Improve the Quality of Your Life: 2 Rules to Live By

A better life is always a step away from you. Your lifestyle right now is the result of your actions in the previous years. So, if you’re not happy with what you have, then it’s time to look back at what we can fix.

The first rule to live by revolves around your rest, your sleeping schedule. Always sleep early and enough. Create a routine and stick to it: Shut down all devices an hour before bedtime, put on your comfy pajamas, drink a soothing drink if you wish, brush, prepare the room, and as you approach your wind- down time pour down everything on your mind to ensure a restful night and satisfying sleep. If your body and mind are well-charged, your whole performance will levitate.

Rule number 2: Feed your brain everyday. There are many ways by which we could maintain and improve the health of our brains. In this one, we will focus on reading… It doesn’t matter what you choose to read as long as you read. Grow a habit of reading at least one page everyday and watch how different your thinking gets. It is highly recommended that you add this habit to your bedtime routine because it is more likely that the information will stick with you longer when you read them at night. A healthy brain Improves your judgment and leads to better decision making.

Taking care of the body and the brain will always be your first stop at the station of life improving. It wouldn’t matter what else you do if these two aren’t healthy enough. Stay on the right track long enough and you will see the difference.

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