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I Want A Brand- New Idea!

Does it ever happen to you? Sometimes, in a random situation where you are doing absolutely nothing… An idea pops up! It could be related to some problems you have been beating yourself up about and it could be related to nothing! Just a pure thought… And a very beneficial one!

As humans, we tend to burn our brains out thinking about the smallest of matters. Because of how the “nowadays-world” is formed, most of us are slowly turning into overthinkers… Constantly restless and have zero control on the wave of thoughts that is crushing us all the time.

Now, does this mean that you should distract your brain and keep it busy till you shut every hole from within the flood leakes? Definitely not. Not all thoughts are bad and not all thinking is harmful. To be honest, proper thinking is the very first sign that sets a barrier between a rational and irrational person. So, it is completely healthy as long as it serves a purpose beyond irritating your nervous system.

Circling back to ideas, you might figure that 99.99% of the time your mind brings an already existing idea to the surface. This could be very irritating especially if you are targeting a brand- new idea to a business plan, for instance. How does this happen? We live in a world that shows us the same materials 24/7 on every platform we follow on the internet. The influencers, the companies, the campaigns, restaurants,… You name it. You found a gem if you find something that is one-of-a-kind! But… Worst comes to worst, is this too bad to start with?

The real problem is not having the same idea as x or y companies. The nightmare begins when you refuse to add a twist to it that makes it remarkable and helps you move upwards. How many companies are there that occupy the market of manufacturing smartphones? How come there are so many of them? Why are they still running and succeeding till this day? It is the twist… The skill of turning something that is very common and basic into a brand-new thing. So, let nothing stop you. Do not throw your ideas away just because somebody else has used them before. Focus on adding value and providing an x-factor… Only then you may say: I found a brand-new idea!

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