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How to make article reading more interesting online…

As more technology comes on floor, digital news paper and article publisher are making reading martial more attractive and interesting for user reading. By applying this they got result like, more average reading time spend on articles. As per forbs, half its traffic coming to it this way in any given month, felt the problem firsthand. “The industry’s just shrunk to fit the phone,” said Lewis D’Vorkin, chief product officer at Forbes.

Forbes isn’t the first to experiment with new, mobile- and platform-friendly ways of presenting the news. launched two years ago with its explanatory news format called “card stacks” that were made to be distributed on social platforms. It recently acknowledged the limitations of the card stacks, though, given the complexity of the online news environment. “I’m still proud of them and we still use them, but they’re not going to change the whole game,” co-founder and editor in chief Ezra Klein recently said.If you want to get more information, catch up with the articles here

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