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How Digital Publishers are Changing the Publishing Scene

The 21st century is a digital era. It began with the emergence of smart phones and has progressed to the point that digital content is now a huge part of our lives. From newspapers to sales and marketing, the digital world covers it all. It has also taken over the world of book publishing. Although avid readers still swear by paperbacks, the fact is that more and more readers are turning to digital books or eBooks.

How Digital Publishing Benefits Authors

Most new authors struggle to find a literary agent and even a publisher for their first books. Many renowned writers have talked about how publishers rejected their first manuscripts. However, digital publishing has lessened this struggle considerably.

Easier to Publish: One of the main differences between digital and traditional publishers is that the former connects with the author directly. In short, literary agent is unnecessary with digital publication. Digital publishers are dynamic companies that are on a constant lookout for quality content, both in fiction and non-fiction genres.

Faster Publication and Release: Another advantage of digital publishing is that the process of publishing is faster. It can take anywhere between 2 to 3 years to print and release a book. However, with digital publishing, the process is streamlined and requires much less time.

Direct Connect with Readers: Authors get to interact with their readers directly with digital publication. The reading apps have a comment section where readers can give their reviews and the authors can read them instantly.

Higher Royalty: A disadvantage with digital publication is that the author does not get an advance from the publishing company before the book release. However, authors can receive up to 40% of royalties if the book is a success. For first time authors, this percentage is truly a sweet deal.

Lower the Price, Higher the Sales: Another reason that digital publications are gaining more popularity is because e-books are priced lower than the printed ones, making it more attractive to the reader. Studies have shown that people tend to buy e-books that cost less, thus increasing sales.


While digital publication has numerous advantages for a new writer, it is quite a hit with readers too. Digital books or e-books are popular with readers because of their convenience. Readers can download a reading app and read the books anywhere, anytime. Siliconchips Services Ltd. is a company that supports digital publication. We are associated with renowned digital publishers from around the world and provide end-to-end digital publication services.

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