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Gem 5: “The Gift of Fear” -By Gavin De Becker

People fear the feeling of fear that they probably avoid certain situations or experiences. They are fully aware of the fear they will feel to their core when they are exposed, so close, and face to face with uncomfortable situations. To this day, fear is still categorized as a feeling people should avoid at all costs. But, shall we try another perspective?

Gavin de Becker offers a new way to look at fear. From his point of view, fear is a gift, and you should be thankful you have it. Why? The book mainly discusses three topics that are related to fear and instincts. These ideas meet in the middle and press on the fact that fears and instincts are our leaders when we interact with the world outside.

Answering the “Why” we presented earlier… Fear is your best ally because it shows you what your eyes refuse to see and acknowledge. When you are in danger, fear says RUN, but your brain- the rational part wants you to believe that you are safe, it doesn’t want you to panic. See the hidden signals, the ones that your rational self erases by counting on your instincts. Who knows? It could save your life one day! Not necessarily in a life-death situation, maybe offer you a way out of a toxic relationship!

I will not spoil the book for you. The best you could do when you have free time is to sit with this book and savor it word by word. Share your thoughts and let us know what you would like us to discuss on our next Gem.

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