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Gem 3: “Talking to Strangers” By Malcolm Gladwell

If you are an outgoing, extroverted kind of person… I do not think you will relate that much to the following situation. Almost all adults, especially introverts, still get anxious when there is a new meeting coming up. We feel the burden of carrying a conversation, keeping it going… I think it’s mainly because we want them to see the best side of us as we constantly think that first impressions last.

Take a moment and go back to the last time you met someone for the first time, think about your interaction, and how you presented yourself. Was that a formal meeting or a friendly one? Did the conversation flow effortlessly? Did you feel closer to that person? Did you learn anything about him?

In this book, Malcolm Gladwell teaches us the techniques by which we could build better conversations. He also states that we, in fact, don’t know anything about anyone… We only know the exact amount they reveal to us. Additionally, Gladwell helps us realize how much we misjudge those strangers and how this affects our overall interactions. So, how do we improve?

The first step would be to go on and give this book a go. Try some new techniques and see how different your interactions become. We would love to hear about how this one turns out!

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