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Fields Where IT Cannot Function

Sometimes when I think about our lives, this question really hits me: How would cave people react to the present life we have? Who could have imagined that there will be days where a man can see what is happening on the other side of the world without moving a muscle! And, ladies and gentlemen, this example is only us scratching the tip of the iceberg! Even when the technology first started to impress people… for instance, when they invented the first computer…. People were dazzled! I vividly remember how I lost my mind when we brought our first computer… I was a second-grader, I guess.

Technology took over! It is now the master of every field, even the master of all when it comes to “quick, easy, comfy” socializing! You are a click away from anyone you want to reach out to. It is not limited to social media, but also the educational system is depending on it today more than ever because of COVID-19 and this whole pandemic. Adding to that, the massive success IT brought to the medical sector, that is impossible to ignore. Tons of operations, supporting systems… and you name it are functioning perfectly and easily since IT emerged and contributed.

The world of business is totally ruled by the world of IT… Can you name one company that does not need technology in its work! You can not! The beautiful thing about this technological revolution is the silver lining that is waiting for all the students who are constantly confused about their future. IT is a very in-demand field with the highest paid jobs, especially for those who think out of the box and aim to stand out.

No one lives as an “Amish boy” nowadays. To be honest, people are addicted to any technological thing that it seems we have a universal issue to deal with. As the logic of the world tells us, there are two faces to everything. As the children of this technological era, we have seen the good and the bad. So, It is an individual responsibility to catch up with anything that elevates the quality of our lives and promotes a successful career.

There is a huge potential for the next generation in the IT field since it is not showing any sign of fading anytime soon. Use it to your benefit, build a career out of it, bring a side hustle to the table, educate yourself… get creative! Now, what do you think, is there any field where IT cannot function?

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