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Fantastic Design = Fantastic Results

I remember, when I was a little kid, how stunned I used to get every time I saw a new cartoon on the television. I would stare in awe and dream of a life just as colorful, joyful, and peaceful. As a kid, I knew nothing about the importance of colors, design, and the components that make an artwork successful. But, by logic, I found the influence and created my watchlist accordingly. Even in today’s world, with the tremendous changes that pushed the quality of our lives forward, you can tell when a kid follows a pattern in his choices of what to watch. So, what does this mean?

Design has put its hand on everything we bring in our lives. Your toothbrush, the bag of chips, the chocolate bar, the clothes you wear, the house itself! Ever since it emerged, it has been used to help boost sales and push the customers towards making an action- “buying”. These designs are not just, randomly, there… They aim to influence you, send some sort of vibes when you look at them, and, most importantly, make you crave the item.

If you worked on any project that involved designing before, then you have witnessed the process of brainstorming and gathering ideas that best serve and convey a specific meaning. It is not a piece of cake- it requires skills, effort, patience, and creativity- the hardest among them all!

If you are a designer, make sure that you stay updated, read more about the new features and ways, benefit from the weirdest methods you have seen, never copy an idea or get carried away because of one. Before you start designing, you have to listen -very carefully- to the demands of your client, understand the nature of the item you are designing for, the “whys” and “wheres” of the project, and take your time with ideas… Do not settle for the first one that pops in your head. After all, yes- it is a hell of a rollercoaster…  But, you will enjoy the ride!

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