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End-to-End Publishing Services

End-to-end publishing services from Siliconchips Services help established, leading brands bring content to publication faster and cheaper, while also helping burgeoning authors find publication possible when it otherwise would be elusive.

Our native speaking proofreaders, copyeditors, content area specialists, project managers, and more listen to your needs and screen works for everything from glaring errors to subtle issues that might be problematic. From fiction to biography, academic journals, educational textbooks, trade materials, and various other content pieces, genre is not limiting. We have experience and expertise in all sorts of content areas.

Operating primarily out of the UK and the US, Siliconchips Services embraces what works. A well-equipped staff with delegated assignments and specialties work together to produce outstanding results for works in the pre-publication stage of development.

The end-to-end nature of our service is comprehensive in scope. Our team specializes in the following demands for pre-publication:

  1. Book services

  2. Journal services

  3. Copy-editing and proofreading

  4. XML and InDesign

  5. e-publishing

  6. Authoring, editing and development

  7. Artwork and graphic design

  8. Editorial and production management

  9. Tagging, abstracting and indexing

  10. Author/editor communication

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