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Digital publishing and the challenge of Smartphone content

People’s expectation and easiness of reading online content like magazine and newspaper growing exponential. Due to that, digital marketing organization should have the need for more short-form content (and the need to create specifically “short-form video” to cater towards non-desktop audiences), more palatable long-form content and so on. According to one of internet survey, the dominant drivers of social media content and, according to Ofcom, the most popular device for getting online in the UK. In short, the Smartphone is now something of a lynchpin in the modern device ecosystem. As more digitize way we represent content more user like to read on smart devices. A smart phone is finding an easy and cost-effective way to hybridize traditional, page-turning editions with a responsive HTML/CSS that people are used to. I say this is a more foundational requirement because of the brands that have successfully synergized website content with their more traditional approach. Click here if you’d like to find out more.

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