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Digital Books and Paper Books: The Everlasting Dilemma

Everyone is born with a passion towards something. That is the reason why our world is so colorful and full of diversity. I believe that there is an artistic feature within everyone even if it is not “artistic” in the common way. Painters, musicians, writers, creators, athletes… The list goes on. For me, I have always been fond of words and books. I remember sneaking into the school’s library when I was a little kid whenever I got the chance. I would borrow those colorful books with the pictures and the short stories and take them home when I run out of time. I would also pick books from the shelves of the older kids at school and devour them.

It would not be a lie if I said that every reader shares the fantasy of having a fancy, comfy, secluded reading room that is flooded with books from different eras and genres! Oh, if life could be that sweet! But for now, dedicating a corner for reading in your bedroom should keep you going… Better than nothing, right?

What did technology do? Took over! Oh… Technology… A blessing and a curse. But let us not talk about that for now. All this development and the process of digitising every aspect of our lives has put its hands on books as well and introduced us to the era of digital books! I remember the time when books were made of paper… Papers that you can actually touch. Now, you stare at a screen and call it a book!

How do you like this new invention so far? One thing I am completely sure about: As a true reader, you cannot hate digital books no matter how badly you want to. The silver lining is that they will always be there when you need them, the old books, the new books, and the ones you are considering for the upcoming month! Imagine that you are in a boring place, zoning out and wishing you could have some sort of a superpower and go grab your book… Well… you actually have that superpower… It is one-click away!

Still, I cannot get over the amazing feeling I feel when I grab a book- especially if you just bought it- and sniff it! To feel the texture of the cover and the softness of the inner pages! To feel the heaviness of the book slowly fade away as you go on and on and reach the end- actually that is not an amazing feeling if you got your hand on a great book!-. Well… That is when digital books fail you! You cannot reach this level of connection… – Speaking of which-: What if you are in a place that has no internet connection?… Splendid! You are officially bookless: No paper book and no digital book!

Honestly, the important part is to make sure that you are enjoying a book every now and then. That is food and nourishment to your brain… It does not matter if you read from an actual paper or a digitised one as long as you are reading. And, dear reader, if this article reminded you of mesmerizing books… Know that it would be nice if we could get a book recommendation from you! I cannot wait to read them!

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