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Detoxing: 1000 Faces!

Detoxing happens when you decide to get rid of unhealthy substances and free your body from their influence. That is the definition Google gave to this term. Well- I believe there are multiple ways where we could interpret this. As we count days on this life, we start to notice some signs of burnout on others and ourselves. We get irritated very easily, it doesn’t take much to send us off, and we feel tired all the time. Not to forget having zero energy and zero willingness to follow our passions and the tiniest silly errands seem like a giant monster.

If you relate to the previous signals, then you need to slow down. Go through your habits, play a standard day route in your head and search for the stresser. Living constantly in survival mode is not healthy and will show its consequences later on on our bodies, health, and performance in our lives. You might have a toxic partner, a bad habit, not enough good habits, your job, your sleeping schedule, eating habits… I could go on for a while. It is on you to decide to do something about it and to surrender to the fact that you are not a superhero- you need to wind down.

The solution starts the minute you recognize the problem. It is not enough to see the tiredness, irritation, and anger. You will also need to admit that it is not OK to feel this way when there is no apparent reason: You have been in bed, resting all day, still tired… RED ALERT.

It is always a good idea to take a step back, reevaluate decisions, and seek help. There is no prize for those who burn themselves and never show vulnerability. Take some time off social media, make sure you are connected with nature, and feed yourself healthy food. Yes, of course you are allowed to cheat every now and then. Also, work on learning new habits, beneficial ones such as journaling, walking, venting… etc. Whatever works for you deserves some time. Most importantly, accept the signs of burnout, the need to detox whenever one of its 1000 faces shows up, and act on it.

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