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Coding skills boost development of digital journalism

Knowing only programming language like HTML,CSS and JAVA are not only important but utilize all these skills in such way that digital journalism looks like more user friendly and lavishing . Good coding skills give better idea for digital data representation and more responsive. As the skills needed to work in digital journalism continue to develop, coding remains a valuable asset for news organizations looking to enhance their reporting.

“Years ago, there was so much focus on visualization with data journalism, but we mine data to dig deeper and find exclusive stories, which I think is a necessity in the digital age where newspapers cannot break stories as fast as platforms like Twitter or Snapchat ”. There’s no shortage of places to learn how to code, with many free tools and apps available to reporters online. McAdams recommended Atom for editing open-source text, GitHub for accessing collections of shared code available for use, JSFiddle to experiment and preview the outcome of your own code, and Stack Overflow to ask questions of experienced coders. If you want to get more information, catch up with the articles here

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