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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Habits are a routine of behaviour we repeat, subconsciously, on a regular basis. These habits form our days and dictate how we spend every bit of them. To most people, this is how it goes: You wake up, eat breakfast, brush, tidy the room, get ready to work, run some errands afterwards, prepare yourself for the next day, and that’s it. There might be some additional “unplanned, unusual” turns for the day every now and then… But that is pretty much it. It doesn’t matter how outgoing, open to change you are, you will develop some sort of a pattern. So, where is the problem?

Say I check my phone the second I open my eyes everyday in the morning, what happens? Experts have warned of the consequences of such a habit because it, whether we like it or not, pressures us and ruines the potential of having a productive, healthy day. The dangerous thing about habits is that they control our behaviour. That means when you repeat something long enough it becomes an obligation… You cannot stop yourself from checking your phone first thing in the morning even though you know you should.

Breaking a circle of habits is not a piece of cake. It requires a strong will, assertiveness, and patience. But can we make it easier? I think, yes. Mending something in your daily system is easier when you replace the broken part rather than just rolling it out. It is very vital to keep your mind busy with new forms of behaviour so that it is harder for it to concentrate on the missing part. For instance, if you want to quit checking your phone in the morning, place it somewhere far from your bed stand and replace it with a notebook. Pour your thoughts on the paper, plan your day, write anything you want and sprint out of the room. Find a good habit and have it occupy the spot of the old habit. Make sure you commit to them for 18 days at least, as experts suggest. Also, try to practice them at the same times of your old habits. Now, it is safe to say you got yourself a new routine.

It is either you deceive your mind in this life or vice versa. Focus on the rewarding results that are waiting on the other side as you go on and fight your urges. If you relapsed, there is always a place for a fresh start. Remember that the asset of a successful life is a routine that’s fruitful and nourishing. We would love to know if you have a different approach!

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