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Be Your Own Guard!

In childhood years, for the lucky ones- and I like to think that this means the most of us- life seemed like a ray of sunshine and a colorful rainbow. When the broken toy upsets us, life makes it up with a beach trip. But, the child is a grown-up now… And life doesn’t seem as sweet anymore. So, what do you do?

The hardships, the trauma piles, and everything that fits in the category haunt us and show up in our actions and behaviors. The more we are in touch with psychology, the more we unravel about ourselves… Unsettling, right? Actually, if anything, this helps you channel your reactions into a healthier route. So, dig more if you want to fix the broken parts.

If you grew up depending on others to help you, support you, validate your emotions, and nod Ok to your moves… You are exactly like someone standing on the edge of a cliff. If the support shakes, the system collapses… No gravity- You’re on your way down! Then what’s the move?

Nobody says that you should isolate yourself from people or live in survival mode, or even do everything on your own. All we are saying is to limit the external interventions so you could control the damage. If you live your entire life leaning on others, having no power to find the things you need within you then you are putting your internal peace at risk.

Be your own guard! Slowly detach from the sickening control you’re giving others. Learn how to be happy by yourself, how to embrace your weaknesses, and how to stand up when you fall without stretching out your arms. And most importantly, believe that you are enough!

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