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Ask the Graphic Designer

One of Siliconchips greatest strengths is the people, and our prospective clients can benefit from getting to know those people and from learning the processes that we use to create their finished project.This interview with our graphic designers was done with the hope that it can make the design process more transparent.

Q: What’s the creative process like? Can you take us through it step-by-step? A: First, we have a conversation with the client. Once the requirements are fully understood, I create a brief which is then shared with the end client. (This will ensure the communication has been clear and that the client’s wishes for the project are heard.)

Then, a first draft is produced from which feedback is received and implemented, which results in the final copy.

Q: What information do you typically have to go back to the client for? What information would you like to have that you don’t always receive upfront? A: The process always starts with idea sharing, the brief, and brainstorming. It’s always teamwork, there’s a series of communications: calls, feedback, etc. before you get the perfect piece. Designing and creativity work is never 100% on day one.

Q: So, how much is your own imagination vs client direction? A: That’s very difficult to say; mostly the client brief will set the tone or expectations for the final outcome, but I would say 30% client ideas and then 70% creativity to bring it to fruition. Most of the clients we work with are very clear with their ideas and the brief.

Q: What type of projects do you primarily work on? A: All of our projects are mostly involving book cover designs and artwork for ELT books.

Q: Finally, what is your favourite part of the job? A: Working with clients on their brief. Absolutely.

At Siliconchips, the client comes first and communication breeds understanding of their needs and hopes for the work. Thank you to our graphic design team for all their hard work giving vision to the customer’s ideas!

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