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Ask the CEO

In a recent conversation with the founder and director of Siliconchips, Shahid Chowdhary (SC), I took the opportunity to ask some questions I, Kristin (K) think many would like to know the answers to:

First, why did you choose publishing as the industry you wished to be involved in?

SC: This is a very fast paced industry, everything is quality and time driven. In order to be a successful team, one needs to understand the market and the business model; be innovative and build an outstanding team around the world.

K:I’d say you’ve been successful at achieving those items, certainly it’s a good fit.

What makes Siliconchips different?

SC:We are a publishing service company, we work with publishers and universities to help them produce books, journals, eBooks, etc. We offer complete end-to-end services, start to finish, under one roof. Our business model allows our customers to take advantage of the benefits of onshore and offshore services, which has enabled us to work with some top publishing brands in the UK, European, and US market.

Can you tell me the general process for an author from submission to print?

SC:The author normally submits the manuscript, which is copy-edited or proofread by our editors, we layout the manuscript and create print ready files along with eBook. Print ready files go directly to the printer. We offer 100% end-to-end work under one company.

K: I’ve seen the examples of cover art, typesetting, and graphic design on the website also, I’m sure authors appreciate that the process is streamlined and self-contained to one company.

What is your personal philosophy on business?

SC:Business is done by people. It’s all about finding the right team, retaining them, looking after them, letting them do their work, motivating, and inspiring them.

Following that up, what do you look for in your key personnel?

SC: Honesty. Subject knowledge. Passion. Teamwork.

Finally, what do you think is the most successful decision you have made as the owner of Siliconchips?

SC: Building the right team around the world, trusting them, and getting out of their way to let them deliver.

K: I will say that I have seen your philosophy in action and am proud to be a part of the team. Thank you, Shahid, for taking the time to answer my questions

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