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All about Siliconchips Services’ End-to-End Journal Publication Services

Journal publication is not only about finding relevant content or articles. It includes several processes like editing, formatting, typesetting, etc. to prepare content for publication. While all this is important, it can be quite challenging for the journal publishers. This challenge is where Siliconchips Services, Ltd. comes into the picture. We are a publishing company that offers customized, end-to-end publication services for both print and digital media. Here is all the detailed information you need to know about our journal publication services.

Copy Editing

It is our aim to ensure that all journal articles or entries are not just appropriate but also error-free. Our team of experts are not only native language speakers but also subject matter experts. We also offer technical editing services for an array of subjects. Our content editors focus on checking facts, footnotes, references, and equations while also examining spelling and grammar. Our copyeditors have the experience required to edit the content without changing the tone and language of the author. The copyeditor also looks at the technical requirements and ensures that the content fulfills the publisher’s house style, i.e., Chicago Manual of Style, APA style, AMA Manual of Style, etc.

Author-Editor Email Communication

While editing and proofreading the content, our editors ensure that the author is kept in the loop. No change is made without consulting the author or writer of the article. This rule is to ensure that the article does not lose the meaning intended by the author. The email communication between the author and editor ensures that the whole process remains  transparent.


Once the content goes through the copyediting and proofreading processes, the next step is typesetting. At this stage, our team composes the content for the journal. We offer typesetting services for both print and digital media. This service includes design and graphic services like file conversion, scanning, redrawing, and re-labelling of artwork. Our team is also proficient in XML, which gives us the opportunity to publish the journal at multiple digital platforms like HTML, PDF, XML, SGML, etc. Apart from epub, Siliconchips Services also offers comprehensive indexing services as per the requirements of the journal.


Once the client approves the final draft, we move toward publishing. Siliconchips Services offers complete publication support to the journal publisher. Our services include back content and uploading the final content to the publisher’s platform. Our team has the expertise and experience to ensure that the publication process proceeds flawlessly.


Siliconchips Services’ end-to-end journal publication services are planned and executed in such a manner that facilitates timely completion of the project, without any major hiccups or issues.

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