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6 Reasons for Poor Quality Translation Work

Content translation is imperative if you want to reach a wider audience. However, while it is necessary, translation can be tricky as well. Often the translated content is technically correct but does not seem to be right. This mainly happens if the tone of the translated content does not match the original. Conversely, there are several other reasons why the translation quality might be poor. Here are 6 reasons for poor quality translated content that you should be aware of.

Problematic Source Content

You cannot blame the translated copy if the problem lies in your source content. If there are issues like grammatical errors, improper sentence structures and inappropriate tone of voice in your original content, it is unlikely that your translated content would hit the perfect mark.

Tight Deadlines

Assigning too tight deadlines for translation is one of the main reasons for poor quality translated content. Although advanced translation technology is available today, it is important to remember that translation relies heavily on manual work. Hence, fastening the process can definitely affect quality. Sometimes, heavy volume content is translated by multiple translators to complete it faster, which (if not managed properly) can also affect the final product.

Wrong Translator

More often than not, the problem lies in the translator. A technical translator may not be suitable for a creative work and vice versa. Moreover, sometimes agencies opt for students or untrained translators to cut down costs, which would also have a negative impact on the final product.

Lack of Proper Translation Technology

Not using translation technology like translation memories and termbases can also have a significant negative effect on quality. Translation technology is quite useful to ensure that the translated content is in sync with the terms and terminologies used in similar content translation in the past.

No Proper Review

Not getting your translated content reviewed by a native language speaker could be the biggest mistake you make. Just like proofreading and reviewing of your original content is important, reviewing your translated content for grammatical errors and incorrect translations is extremely crucial before publishing.

Inappropriate Pricing

Opting for a translation company that has quoted the least price may seem like an obvious choice. However, beware of those quotes that are too good to be true. Have an honest discussion with the translators or agents to know what is included in the pricing before you sign on the dotted line.

Avoiding these mistakes can save both time and money, as you can totally do away with reworking on the translation. The best way to do this is to choose a reliable and reputed translation company like Siliconchips Services Ltd. We have a great team and experience of handling all kinds of translation work.

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