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Incomplete fonts? Use these fixes

Twitter was a-storm this week over typefaces. What started as an innocent question by author Sean Richardson – ‘reveal the deepest part of yourself: Which font and which size do you write in?’ – opened the floodgates for some very impassioned arguments and deep, engrained feeling to come boiling to the surface. So far, so […]

Siliconchips: Leading Company for Local Scanning of Books

Publishing has evolved into a whole new world in the recent years. Right from the introduction of newer and faster technologies for print publishing to the increasing need for digital publication, there are several brand new trends in the publishing world. The London Book Fair (LBF) is an event that showcases all these and much […]

Siliconchips at The London Book Fair

Siliconchips at The London Book Fair: For All Your Academic and Scholarly Publishing Needs The London Book Fair is set to open on March 10′ 2020. It is a 3-day event that would end on March 12′ 2020. One of the most prestigious events, the London Book Fair brings together both print and digital publishers […]

Tips for Checking Reference before Publishing

The role of a copyeditor does not end with checking the spellings, grammar and sentence structure of a document or write-up. Rather, fact or reference check is an essential part of his or her job. While it is writer’s responsibility to check whether what they have written is factually correct, the copyeditor would also be […]

Why local presence is must for Outsourcing world?

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Outsourcing is the reality of most businesses. It is the act of hiring a third party on a contractual basis to take care of some of your core competencies or services. While outsourcing has been around for several years, it only became popular in the recent times. Nevertheless, there are still […]

Most-abandoned books on GoodReads

Many of us have physical bookshelves at home crammed with books that we loved. Some of us also have many books we haven’t even opened yet. Likewise many of us have virtual bookshelves stuffed to the gills with much-beloved and to-be-read tomes. And then there are the books that we tried – and failed – […]

VAT on digital books – Explained

Since their advent, eBooks have been subject to Value Added Tax and – for the same amount of time – there have been cries and petitions to scrap this so-called ‘reading tax’. For partially sighted and blind people in particular, eBooks (and audiobooks) are the only way some people can read, and the inclusion in […]

Wondering what you missed?

Now that we’ve ushered in the new year, media outlets around the globe have published their takes on the best or most defining books of the past year. Publishers Weekly has its Best Books of 2019; GoodReads’ Choice Awards for 2019 are here; Barack Obama’s favourite books of 2019 appeared on Twitter:   The Telegraph […]

Significant eReader market shrinkage by 2024 – should publishers be worried?

A report from MarketWatch predicts that the eReader market in the US will decline by 12.7% per annum over the next five years. Note that this is a prediction for the devices themselves, not eBooks. Nate Hoffelder over at The Digital Reader, who usually dismisses this kind of claim, thinks they might be on to […]

Advantages of Having a Native Speaker as Copyeditor

A copyeditor is essential for great content. While writers put their thoughts into words, the copyeditors ensure that the words convey the right meaning to the reader. The content might be fiction or non-fiction but having a copyeditor go through your work is extremely important. Role of a Copyeditor The copyeditor is a professional who […]