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5 Stages of the Writing Process

Writing is a complex process. You may be writing a research paper, a thesis, a book or even a blog post, but putting your thoughts into paper (or Word document) is not enough. You thoughts are unstructured. Moreover, without proper planning and research, it may not seem authentic as well. Hence, following a step-by-step guide […]

5 Tips for Writing a PhD Thesis

A PhD is the ultimate degree. Getting a doctorate is a matter of honour, as it reflects your knowledge, perseverance and hard work. While there is glory to a PhD, the road to it is not easy. In fact, the long years of research and bringing together the thesis is not everyone’s cup of tea. […]

The Complete Checklist for Academic Journal Manuscript Submissions

When you have put in your best to write an academic thesis, getting the manuscript published is a matter of great pride. However, manuscript submission cannot guarantee publishing. While your idea may be unique and your research and writing impeccable, your chosen journal can still reject the manuscript. The reasons could be lack of organization, […]

Grammar Tips for the Perfect Copy

Content is the most important while writing any copy, be it an academic write-up, a newspaper article or a blog post. A novel idea or a unique writing style always attracts readers. However, all your hard work can go for a toss if the grammar in your writing is not up to the mark. Be […]

6 Reasons for Poor Quality Translation Work

Content translation is imperative if you want to reach a wider audience. However, while it is necessary, translation can be tricky as well. Often the translated content is technically correct but does not seem to be right. This mainly happens if the tone of the translated content does not match the original. Conversely, there are […]

Siliconchips Services Ltd: Our Proofreading and Editing Process

Copy editing and proofreading are essential stages of content publishing. While a copyeditor focuses on the factual correctness and tone of the content, a proofreader’s duty is to rectify the minor errors. The copyeditor and proofreader, together as a team, make sure that the content is readable and error-free. Siliconchips Services Ltd. is a leading […]

Incomplete fonts? Use these fixes

Twitter was a-storm this week over typefaces. What started as an innocent question by author Sean Richardson – ‘reveal the deepest part of yourself: Which font and which size do you write in?’ – opened the floodgates for some very impassioned arguments and deep, engrained feeling to come boiling to the surface. So far, so […]

Siliconchips: Leading Company for Local Scanning of Books

Publishing has evolved into a whole new world in the recent years. Right from the introduction of newer and faster technologies for print publishing to the increasing need for digital publication, there are several brand new trends in the publishing world. The London Book Fair (LBF) is an event that showcases all these and much […]

Siliconchips at The London Book Fair

Siliconchips at The London Book Fair: For All Your Academic and Scholarly Publishing Needs The London Book Fair is set to open on March 10′ 2020. It is a 3-day event that would end on March 12′ 2020. One of the most prestigious events, the London Book Fair brings together both print and digital publishers […]

Tips for Checking Reference before Publishing

The role of a copyeditor does not end with checking the spellings, grammar and sentence structure of a document or write-up. Rather, fact or reference check is an essential part of his or her job. While it is writer’s responsibility to check whether what they have written is factually correct, the copyeditor would also be […]