Gem 1: “Why We Sleep”

As readers, we appreciate a good book recommendation. Since the world is full of gems, old and new… We can’t settle for what we have had so far. The search continues for as long as we live, as long as we want to read. This book is one of the best out there. It discusses [...]

Expel The Harmful Procrastination

It must have happened to you before… Having an errand to run, a project to start, or even an unmentionable chore to do such as tidying your bed… But, for some reason, you kept postponing. Sometimes, the urge to look away from any responsibility we have gets stronger to the point where deadlines aren’t enough [...]

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Habits are a routine of behaviour we repeat, subconsciously, on a regular basis. These habits form our days and dictate how we spend every bit of them. To most people, this is how it goes: You wake up, eat breakfast, brush, tidy the room, get ready to work, run some errands afterwards, prepare yourself for [...]

Young Publishing Services Company Signs an Exclusive Deal With Prestigious Psycholinguistics Journal

Siliconchips Services have signed an exclusive publishing service agreement with Glossa Psycholinguistics. The company will provide all publishing needs for the brand’s prestigious journal in the USA.  Siliconchips Services is pleased to announce that they have signed up for an exclusive publishing service agreement with Glossa Psycholinguistics. The business believes that the partnership will be [...]

The Holy Grail of Crazy Selling

As a reader, how do you decide what to read next as you are checking new books? If you are into digitized versions of books, how do you say: This is the one? Well… It is normal to decide which “genre” you are targeting before jumping into the endless sets of books that fall under [...]

Fantastic Design = Fantastic Results

I remember, when I was a little kid, how stunned I used to get every time I saw a new cartoon on the television. I would stare in awe and dream of a life just as colorful, joyful, and peaceful. As a kid, I knew nothing about the importance of colors, design, and the components [...]

The Process of Publishing: Does It Get Under Your Skin?

Becoming an author who publishes his work and shares it with a crowd of people he will, later on, call: Audience, is indeed scary and tiring. It will beat you to your knees and keep you there for a while if you did not plan things ahead. Sometimes, especially as readers, we might forget or [...]

Digital Books and Paper Books: The Everlasting Dilemma

Everyone is born with a passion towards something. That is the reason why our world is so colorful and full of diversity. I believe that there is an artistic feature within everyone even if it is not “artistic” in the common way. Painters, musicians, writers, creators, athletes… The list goes on. For me, I have [...]

I Want A Brand- New Idea!

Does it ever happen to you? Sometimes, in a random situation where you are doing absolutely nothing… An idea pops up! It could be related to some problems you have been beating yourself up about and it could be related to nothing! Just a pure thought… And a very beneficial one! As humans, we tend [...]

Your Surroundings Influence
Your Production

As humans, we are created in a way that puts us in constant communication with everything around us. You may have heard about the “energy” that wraps up everything and everyone, and how it affects the kind of a relationship everyone has with people and determines whether they will “click” or not. From this, we [...]

Publishing: How Does It Relate To All Written Pieces?

As a reader, has it ever crossed your mind… The idea of missing out on so many good quotes, texts, ideas, and perspectives? It does not matter how often you read, what genre you prefer, or how deep you dig as you are looking for your next book… There are always more and more masterpieces [...]

Becoming The Main Character At Your Workplace

Life is easier, better, and more enjoyable when you can adapt faster… That is a fact! Change will hit every aspect of your life and force you to adjust accordingly. Since socializing goes under the category of change, then you will feel the need to bend and stretch. For instance, meeting new people! Meeting up [...]

Learning Through The Process Vs. Hiring Professionals

Business initiation is a journey filled with demands. They consume your time, your comfort, your mind, and your “I am not risky, I am always on the safe side” status. Being decisive is the shortcut to eliminating a series of various distractions and options… But, is it easy though? In our everyday life we carry [...]

Social Media… The Rockstar!

Social media is the most overrated and underrated tool at this time. Well… How about we pay a visit to the weekly report on our iPhones and see the percentage of the time drained on social media just for this week? It is going to be like a punch in the face! By that, we [...]

Is Writing for Everyone?

Writing, I think, comes as the second-best friend to anyone who enjoys a bond with words. Normally, it develops into a skill, if we may say so after some time spent reading materials since we can not say that education is the place where our love for words stems from. But, let’s not generalize! As [...]

Fields Where IT Cannot Function

Sometimes when I think about our lives, this question really hits me: How would cave people react to the present life we have? Who could have imagined that there will be days where a man can see what is happening on the other side of the world without moving a muscle! And, ladies and gentlemen, [...]

Academic Journal Submissions Guides

Academic journals cover a wide variety of study topics, even rather esoteric subjects, but what they have in common is rigor and expectations for all submissions. Most academic journals make the submission guidelines and acceptable forms of content clear. Each article type (original research, commentary, review) will have its own protocol for section format, length [...]


Since the beginning, printers and publishers have been innovators who have shaped the world around them. From the first clay tablet impressions the thought: ‘How can I do this better,’ has been floating through the sands of history. Publishing isn’t a static industry. It moves quickly; and those who work in this industry know that [...]

Great Moments: Codex

Perhaps more important than the invention of the printing press, shifting from scrolls to a codex was a revolutionary change in the art of bookmaking. Imagine trying to read Stephen King’s It on a scroll, unwieldy is the term that comes to mind.  It seems a simple premise today, flat pages instead of rolls. The [...]

Ask the Graphic Designer

One of Siliconchips greatest strengths is the people, and our prospective clients can benefit from getting to know those people and from learning the processes that we use to create their finished project.This interview with our graphic designers was done with the hope that it can make the design process more transparent. Q: What’s the [...]

Great Moments: The Kish Tablet

(Enmerkar’s) speech was very grand; its meaning very profound. But the messenger’s mouth was too heavy, and he could not repeat the message. Because the messenger’s mouth was too heavy and he could not repeat it, the Lord of Kulab (Enmerkar) patted some clay and put the words on it as on a tablet. Before [...]

Great Moments: The Printing Press

Johann Gensfleischzur Laden zum Gutenberg wasn’t an inventor by trade, he was a goldsmith. Spending years working on the first printing press in secrecy, Gutenberg didn’t just use existing technology in new ways, he created new processes to make his invention work. Olives and grapes had been pressed for centuries before Gutenberg co-opted the machine, [...]

Ask the CEO

In a recent conversation with the founder and director of Siliconchips, Shahid Chowdhary (SC), I took the opportunity to ask some questions I, Kristin (K) think many would like to know the answers to: First, why did you choose publishing as the industry you wished to be involved in? SC: This is a very fast [...]

All About Editing

Editing is an art, working in concert with the author. It’s not just about pulling out the proverbial red pen and marking up a document, it’s about making the written work the best it can possibly be. But not all edits are the same. In discussing editing, it’s important to know the different levels and [...]

Why outsourcing to a strategic partner is the key to success!

Companies looking to find cost-effective ways to focus on their core business while still fulfilling the needs of their customers just might find outsourcing the key to success. Increasing efficiency and competitiveness while lowering labor costs and overhead through outsourcing is an idea that has been proven successful over time. Outsourcing in target specific industries [...]

Why consider publishing service provider with a global presence?

When selecting a publishing partner, there are several aspects to consider; whether that partner has a global presence might not be on your radar…but it should be. Beyond the considerations of communication, performance quality, cost, and timeliness, how that partner chooses to manage their business is an indicator of how they will care for yours. [...]

What’s the deal with dashes?

En dash, em dash, hyphen–when do you use them? Which one do you use? How on earth can you tell them apart? If you’re not a professional copyeditor, you might never have considered the need to use more than one kind of dash. While the wrong dash is more of a technical error than a [...]

The Importance of Editing

Writing isn’t easy. There are times when you realize you’ve lost an hour staring out the window waiting for the next word to come. Once you’ve finished writing your manuscript, the relief and satisfaction is palpable. But you’re not done yet! The final step before you can send your writing out is to edit it. [...]

Editing Your Own Work: The Key Steps

When sending your writing to a copyeditor isn’t possible, how can one ensure the best possible work? While it’s true that feedback from a professional is best, there are times when it’s just not possible to take the time or to incur the cost of those services. In those instances, there are steps you, as [...]

The World of Academic Journal Submissions

Topics ranging from plastic bag usage in Japan to the sanitation practices of rural Africa, and everything in between, can be found in an academic journal. But what elevates a periodical to the category of an academic journal? It’s more than the topics covered, it’s about content, the quality of that content, and the process [...]

Workflow Breakdowns in Larger Firms: Why They Happen, What to Do About Them

Efficiency in business comes down to reaching goals with the highest degree of quality and speed possible. When workflow breaks down and this efficiency fails, it’s worth questioning why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. The breakdown of workflow in our clients at larger firms comes down to a failure of […]

Why Do We Stand Out?

Siliconchips Services, a provider of end-to-end publishing and software solutions stands out as a reliable and consistently superior source of publishing, printing, and IT services. When readying content to bring to publication, making sure that adjustments and improvements maintain the intended voice and purpose are essential parts of the process. At Siliconchips Services, relationships between […]

End-to-End Publishing Services

End-to-end publishing services from Siliconchips Services help established, leading brands bring content to publication faster and cheaper, while also helping burgeoning authors find publication possible when it otherwise would be elusive. Our native speaking proofreaders, copyeditors, content area specialists, project managers, and more listen to your needs and screen works for everything from glaring errors […]

The Complete Checklist for Academic Journal Manuscript Submissions

When you have struggled through the process of research and composition to produce an academic thesis, getting the manuscript published is a matter of great pride. However, manuscript submission cannot guarantee publication. Even though your idea may be unique and your research and writing impeccable, your chosen journal might still reject the manuscript. Protentional reasons […]

10 Best Self-Publishing Books

Long gone are the days when writers had to wait to hear from a publishing company to know whether their books would be published. While traditional publishing still holds a high status, digital books are catching up. One of the digital publishing avenues that authors, especially new ones, are opting for is self-publishing. Here, writers […]

How Digital Publishers are Changing the Publishing Scene

The 21st century is a digital era. It began with the emergence of smart phones and has progressed to the point that digital content is now a huge part of our lives. From newspapers to sales and marketing, the digital world covers it all. It has also taken over the world of book publishing. Although […]

Grammar Tips for the Perfect Copy

Content is the most important element of any copy, be it an academic write-up, a newspaper article, or a blog post. A novel idea or a unique writing style always attracts readers. However, all your hard work will be pointless if the grammar in your writing is not up to par. It is essential that […]

Our Proofreading and Editing Process!

Copy editing and proofreading are essential stages of content publishing. While a copyeditor focuses on the factual correctness and tone of the content, a proofreader’s duty is to rectify the minor errors. The copyeditor and proofreader, together as a team, make sure that the content is readable and error-free. Siliconchips Services Ltd. is a leading […]

All about Siliconchips Services’ End-to-End Journal Publication Services

Journal publication is not only about finding relevant content or articles. It includes several processes like editing, formatting, typesetting, etc. to prepare content for publication. While all this is important, it can be quite challenging for the journal publishers. This challenge is where Siliconchips Services, Ltd. comes into the picture. We are a publishing company […]

Advantages of Having a Native Speaker as Copyeditor

A copyeditor is essential for great content. While writers put their thoughts into words, the copyeditors ensure that the words convey the right meaning to the reader. Whether content is fiction or non-fiction, having a copyeditor go through your work is extremely important. Role of a Copyeditor The copyeditor is a professional who checks and […]

EPUB 2 or EPUB 3?

What is EPUB? XML-based, EPUB is the most widely-supportede-book format other than PDF; that is, it is supported by almost all hardware and software (desktop) readers except for Kindle(whose proprietary formats often contain an originatingEPUB file anyway). EPUB 2 was the industry standard as of 2007, being supplanted in 2011 by EPUB 3, now on its second […]

The audio boom and beyond

Audiobooks as we know them now have been around since the 1980s, but have seen an incredible amount of growth in recent years – 13% since 2017 and a staggering 87% since 2014. A lot of this growth can be attributed to two things: accessibility: being able to listen to books via the smartphones we […]

E-Reader trends and statistics for 2019

Are eBooks dying? eBooks, no; eReaders, maybe yes. Following the ascension of the eBook some years ago, sales of late have plateaued. And while more e-reading devices were released in 2018 than in any other year, actual sales of eReaders declined. This seems not to be because less people are reading eBooks, but because eReaders […]

Coding skills boost development of digital journalism

  Knowing only programming language like HTML,CSS and JAVA are not only important but utilize all these skills in such way that digital journalism looks like more user friendly and lavishing . Good coding skills give better idea for digital data representation and more responsive. As the skills needed to work in digital journalism continue […]

Now it’s time for Google vs. Apple…

Now the time has come for Google’s own brand Android Pixel to go head-to-head with Apple’s newer version of iPhone oin smart phone world. The two Android smart phones are the first to carry Google’s branding without being associated with another manufacturer and are a clear mark in the sand by the Android-maker: the fight […]

How to make article reading more interesting online…

As more technology comes on floor, digital news paper and article publisher are making reading martial more attractive and interesting for user reading. By applying this they got result like, more average reading time spend on articles. As per forbs, half its traffic coming to it this way in any given month, felt the problem […]

What is ‘content first’ and is it the way forward?

Here ‘content first’ implies lots of challenges for publisher. As so many fast evolving themes in all type of digital devices it is very difficult for publisher, how to display right content with right format. The question then becomes one of efficiency – how do you create content and distribute it across multiple channels in […]

How data analysis sharpens up your content

Data analysis is very important factor to businesses. In fact, no business can survive without analyzing available data. Whether one wants to arrive at some marketing decisions or fine-tune new product launch strategy, data analysis is the key to all the problems. Merely analyzing data isn’t sufficient from the point of view of making a […]

Year on year online growth for publishers…

Nowadays people prefer reading newspapers online to any other way. One main reason is journalists are engaging with local people and local communities in ever greater numbers, and there’s a phenomenal appetite for – and engagement with – the great local content they produce. Company also seeing more and more local businesses advertising on digital […]

Digital publishing and the challenge of Smartphone content

People’s expectation and easiness of reading online content like magazine and newspaper growing exponential. Due to that, digital marketing organization should have the need for more short-form content (and the need to create specifically “short-form video” to cater towards non-desktop audiences), more palatable long-form content and so on. According to one of internet survey, the […]

Rushing For Revenue, Magazines Are Spending Millions on Their Own Pop Culture Festivals

Pop Culture Festival is new treads in big cities to get celebrity and some big guns on same platform. The anatomy of a pop culture festival is relatively consistent across all publishers: catchy and nostalgic music, high-quality food, unexpected laughs and pragmatic activism, with a healthy dose of celebrity. The “editorially-driven” component means that staff […]

Print Vs Digital. A big question lies on future of Book.

Due to rapidly converting digital world, people always would like to have everything digitize way. Any even digitize technology justify on some of precious things like money, time and comfort ability. Now people wanted to have everything to be compact and can carry with them in laptop and mobile. Book also one of subject of digitization world. But […]

Digital marketing using social media…

Marketing is one of main pillar of any fastest growing industry. And taking help of social media is one of common tricks now days. Instagram debuted Stories, a very ‘Snap chatty’ feature that allows users to share slideshows of images and video independently of their profiles, publishers have pounced on the opportunity to show off […]

Brexit impact and analysis on book world

A British referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Union or not is the single biggest “known unknown” hanging over the Europe and world. Now when, we knows what’s reality its seems like one way or another way many things going to impact as well as going to change. One of the […]

The Science of language – glossiest things of world.

As per Wikipedia, Linguistics is the scientific study of language, specifically language form, language meaning, and language in context. The earliest activities in the description of language have been attributed to the 4th century BCE Indian grammarian Pāṇini, who was an early student of inguistics and wrote a formal description of the Sanskrit language in his Aṣṭādhyāyī. As everyone knows Language is the most important tool to communicate and […]

“Smart Phone only user” or “Broadband at home user”???

As title says, it’s one of common question hanging around in common people mind. In world around, most of people have to think about this question due to economical expenditure. The new data also contain one other insight about the shifting connection patterns of adults: 15% of adults are now “cord cutters” in that they […]

Mobile supplants ‘fixed’ media as dominant source of online video

Due to fast moving technology evaluation and running human life, Mobile world becoming so much interesting and crucial part of our life. Now a day’s every bit of work is possible by either one way or another way on mobile. And even its seamless integration with rest of world made mobile more usable and time […]

Biggest debates in digital publishing over the few months – How the HTML 5 web apps perform vs native apps

From the last few months there is a biggest debate in digital publishing between native apps vs HTML 5 web apps. A Latest Report from comScore explains that mobile users are increasing and covering 65% of digital media time. So the question is that publisher should use HTML 5 web apps or native app. At […]

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