Professional Publishing Services

Siliconchips Services is company that offers complete publishing services. Right from designing the document or book to releasing for print, we make sure that every step is done accurately and efficiently. We handle publishing for both digital as well as traditional print.


We at Siliconchips understand the importance of technology in today’s world. Hence, our expert professionals are adept at using the best applications for preparing the document for publishing. Our professionals are experts at using InDesign Suite, QuarkExpress, Photoshop and LaTex to provide the publishing process a professional touch.

Data Conversion

Siliconchips has also handled data conversion projects from electronic as well as paper-based media files. Scanning and keying processes are used for converting large content to generate XML files, PDF pages, image formats, word processor, spreadsheet, database, etc.


At Siliconchips, technology and creativity go hand-in-hand. Our professionals use the best applications as well as their creativity to design page layouts according to the specifications of the publishers. We ensure that the pages are not only readable but also attractive.

Best Quality

We at Siliconchips do not compromise on quality. This is the reason we are trusted by the top publishing companies. Our client list includes some of the biggest publishing houses, including HarperCollins Publishers UK.