For Clients Who “Own” What They Produce, Trust Is Key Factor for Vendor Success

Trust is critical to every financial transaction. Trusting others to help bring what you “own” to market requires an extra layer of trust because the results will have an impact on your reputation as well as your bottom line. When you’re an editor or writer in search of a publisher for something you’ve brought forth from nothing, this trust is key. Building a trusting relationship with clients will lead to long term success and added value based upon a reputation of credibility in your field.

Trust is not a given. No one trusts blindly. Your clients will develop trust based upon reputation, consistency, and follow-through. When you’ve established that your work is top-notch, always, without fail and without regard to the client, you’ll develop a reputation that will earn trust.

As you develop trust, consider the following behaviors that, when adopted, will engender an environment where clients will trust you with their owned products.

  • Perform Well.
    When customers pay for a service, the performance should be up to expectations. In other words, your clients should “get what they pay for.” Leaving clients feeling taken advantage of is a surefire way to earn a poor reputation and have a negative trust quotient. Your efforts should never detract from the value of your client’s product; the results should always add value.
  • Keep Lines of Communication Open.
    Answer your emails in a timely fashion. Clients need to know that you’ll provide them with information, reassurance, and results in a timely fashion.
  • Embrace honesty.
    The only way for trust to be genuine is for honesty to be the foundation. Trust never comes from smoke and mirrors. Even if this means that you recognize you’re not the right person to handle your clients’ needs, being honest about the reality of the situation builds the perception of trustworthiness, and clients will remember.

Ultimately, trust comes from doing what you say you’ll do, always.

When this level of performance remains true over time, companies develop credibility with clients and earn a benefit of the doubt based upon reputation alone – a quality that is extraordinarily advantageous to developing and keeping clients.