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Ken Lizotte CMC

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Ken Lizotte CMC

Ken Lizotte CMC is author of eight books including his best-selling The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go-To Authority that People Turn to Every Time (McGraw-Hill) and The Speaker’s Edge: The Ultimate Go-To Guide for Locating and Landing Lots of Speaking Gigs (Maven House Press).

He is Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) and founder of Emerson Consulting Group INC., a USA consulting firm that transforms business experts and their firms into bona fide “thought-leaders.” Since 1996, Emerson group has guided over 400 such clients toward publication of books and articles, speaking opportunities at targeted business events (in-person and virtual) and media opportunities such as print interviews and guest appearances on business radio/TV and podcasts.

A Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Ken speaks regularly at national and regional business events, including annual appearances at Harvard University, the National Speakers Association, the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC USA), the CEO Clubs of Boston and New York City, and the Concord Festival of Authors.

A thought leader in his own right, he’s been interviewed by The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, Newsweek, Financial Times, Investors’ Business Daily, National Public Radio, CBS-TV and Writer’s Digest Magazine, among others. He’s also co-founder of the National Writers Union and former New England chapter president and national board member of the Institute of Management Consulting.

Ken resides with his wife, daughter and Golden Retriever in Concord, Massachusetts, the USA where he also serves as pro bono President of Thoreau Farm Trust, the birthplace of Henry David Thoreau.

“We develop thoughtleaders!”

Here are just a few of the reasons business experts come to us…

  • “The time has come for me to publish a book!”
  • “I’d like to start publishing articles in reputable business journals and e-publications.”
  • “I would love to become known as a guru or ‘thought leader’ in my field.”
  • “I would like to obtain more speaking engagements.”
  • “I seek publicity for my book/service/production/consulting practice.”

We work with consultants and consulting firms, attorneys and law firms, finance specialists and professional service firms, CEOs and their companies, professional speakers and all other kinds of business experts to separate them from the competitive pack.

By helping our clients publish their thoughts, the Emerson group literally makes its client thought-leaders into “famous” thought-leaders in their fields of expertise and target markets.

To capitalize on the enhanced credibility and visibility created by such publishing efforts, Emerson group can also arrange media exposure, speaking engagements, original research projects and innovative exploitation of the Internet.

In pursuit of these results, Emerson group handles all details so that our client thought-leaders can do what they do best: develop leading thoughts and implement them in the business world so that their client companies can achieve extraordinary levels of effectiveness and success.

Our USA Affiliate


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