eBook Services

Siliconchips Services delivers content in multiple languages which can be viewed on various eReader devices such as smart phones, IPAD, Kindle, Sony Reader and many other devices.

Nothing compares to the feel of pages between your fingers, the smell of a printed book, or the crack of a new hardcover’s spine as you open it for the first time. That is why print books will never die. But eBooks are here to stay, and in a world that’s becoming more and more digital, we can continue to foster a love of reading. eBooks offer a world of possibilities that print books could never offer, making reading accessible and entertaining for the most avid and the most grudging of readers.

Imagine having hundreds, even thousands, of books literally at your fingertips wherever you are. At last, readers can truly interact with their books. Most eReaders have a built-in dictionary, so readers don’t have to interrupt their reading to look up a word they don’t understand. Your eBooks can have links to the web, so readers can explore and find more books and images about the topic. They have easy navigation, so readers don’t have to flip through the book page by page, trying to find a note or a chapter or an index entry or where they lost their page. All of these things and more are made possible with eBooks.

We create eBooks from hard-copy source material, including images and photographs. We also convert and create eBooks from a wide variety of electronic formats, including HTML, FrameMaker, Quark and MS Word, for many international publishers and organizations.

Professional eBook Services

  •  Printed documents to ePub and Mobi files
  •  Printed Book to ePub and Mobi
  •  Scanned images to ePub and Mobi
  •  Word files to ePub and Mobi
  •  Html to ePub and Mobi
  •  PDF to ePub and Mobi
  •  Fixed format ePUB and KF8
  •  Application source files to ePub and Mobi
  •  Complex formatting
  •  Complex Linking
  •  Embedding Audio and Videos

eBook Conversion in Multiple Formats & Quality in eBook Conversion

We specialise in converting print ready files or application source file into the eBook format of your choice or any file into ePub, ePDF, and Mobi formats, suitable for the Apple iPad and iPhone, the Kindle and Kindle Fire, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and many other readers.

  •  Fixed format ePUB and KF8
  •  Enhanced eBooks
  •  ePub 3.0 formatting
  •  iPad, Smart Phone, eReaders, Tablets

eBook Conversion for Multiple Devices

Our services offer cost-effective conversion of content from electronic and paper sources to any format.
  • Any eReader devices
  • Smart phones and tablets
  • ePub 3.0 formatting
  • iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire and Noble Nook