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Content Production

In media production and publishing, content is information and experiences that may provide value for an end-user/audience in specific contexts

Publishing Services

We provide an end-to-end solution for the entire production flow, from design execution to release for print for both traditional and digital print.

eBook Services

Siliconchips Services delivers content in multiple languages which can be viewed on various eReader devices such as smart phones, IPAD, Kindle, Sony Reader and many other devices.

Creative Services

We have a team of experienced designers in advertising and premedia services to cater to magazine advertising, catalogs and the newspaper print industry.

Siliconchips Services focuses on providing high-quality and cost-effective end-to-end capabilities in the business of knowledge process outsourcing. Siliconchips Services helps you to create, manage and deliver the content either for reusing or repurposing or delivery in multiple platforms.

Whether you publish any Scientific, Technical, and Medical titles, scholarly, reference, trade, or educational titles Siliconchips Services offers a complete range of prepress services. Our customized workflows, seamless production and comprehensive project management will ensure that you reach your market on time and within budget.

Siliconchips understands that successful data conversion requires a working thorough knowledge of both source and target formats. That is why we have invested in-house experts who can reverse engineer source files if the specified format is unknown.

We have successfully entered the eBook market and work with our clients to convert their titles into eBooks for various platforms. We customize and manage eBook production processes for your unique content, saving you considerable time and money. Going beyond a project-to-project relationship, Siliconchips Services will partner with you to design, build, and deploy an end-to-end eBook workflow to fit your production and budget goals.

High-volume projects are no problem. With any project, our onshore and offshore resources provide reliable service with substantial savings.

What Siliconchips Services can do for you?
  • Help you with your books and journals
  • We are expert in InDesign and Quark
  • We can help you with your books and journals workflows
  • We work with some leading brands in publishing and deliver them the following
  • Typesetting and XML
  • EBook Creation
  • Translation Services
  • Copy Editing and Proof reading
  • Creative Services
  • We are expert in STM and ELT market
  • We are expert in XML and InDesign automation tools
  • Scanning, OCR, Proof reading Services

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