Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you convert complex books that contain too many illustrations, tables and footnotes?

Yes, we can convert all the types of complex books according to IDPF and global standards.

Can you convert comic books to a well formatted eBook format?


Will you do proofreading of the content?

Yes, we do offer this service.

Can you convert educational books like physics, maths and chemistry?


How can you assure data security?

We use secure FTP server only.

Which formats do you accept?

We accept Microsoft Word, PDF, Html, Tex, Scan pages or application files

What can be included in an eBook?

The copyright page, dedication and an active Table of Contents will all be included. We can also include the author’s biography, author’s notes and indexes – a navigable index can also be an essential part of a non-fiction book. We can also include active links to websites – a great way to point your readers to your website and help promote any other books you may have written.

What do you mean by complex formatting?
The content of a book or journal that contains complex layout included but not limited to

bullet , tables, images, graphs or complex charts, foreign language or symbols etc

Where are your copy editors or proof readers based?

They are based in USA, UK and Europe

Are you based locally?

Yes we are based in UK, USA and France.