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Chris Curtis

Chris Curtis is a highly experienced production professional in all aspects of book and journal production, delivering end products to schedule, at the right quality within the agreed budget. He has significant experience in outsourcing/offshoring for a major publisher based in UK and US managing vendors in India, the Philippines, Singapore and China. As a production director he has a proven track record in cost reduction, vendor consolidation and management, reviewing, establishing and implementing production processes and procedures.

Following redundancy in September 2009 when the company went through a series of consolidations of businesses he has operated as a Publishing and Print Production consultant and will undertake training of staff at both publishers and printers.

Recent work includes serving on a major Indian printers advisory board and the production of highly illustrated books for small publishers – cased and paperback. Work placed in India and Spain. Current book is the 150th Anniversary edition of The Alpine Journal for The Alpine Club. Other recent work has been for the Scottish Mountaineering Trust and MICA Publishing. He has established contacts for printing in India, Singapore and Europe.

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Specialties: Book and Journal Production for print and online; vendor negotiation and management; production processes, procedures and training of production personnel